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ILLIZI decorative tiles - a new product of JONIEC® 2017-04-24

ILLIZI decorative tiles are products that are ideally suited to covering interior walls in residential homes, offices and public spaces. Thanks to the varied texture and versatile colors, the tiles are an interesting proposition for those, who planning to finish as well as refresh the existing interiors. ILLIZI Multigrain with blasted texture is available in two colors: white and yellow,  ILLIZI Politum with polished texture - in gray, white and steel color.

ILLIZI tiles perfectly match the current trends in architecture. Interior architects have been keen to use concrete tiles of various shapes, textures and colors to cover the walls. The innovative ILLIZI tile element is reduced in thickness - so it does not take up space and is lighter and easier to apply. ILLIZI is also a great solution for renovating old walls as well as for finishing walls in small rooms .

ILLIZI tiles were honored at the
Fair DOM 2017 in Kielce.

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