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 Tradition and modernity


Company JONIEC has been dedicated to production of concrete fences for many years.

Developed and introduced by our company split fences, which resemble split stone, are our speciality. These fences are GORC de Luxe type GL22, GORC de Luxe type GL38, GORC Supreme type GS20, GORC Supreme type GS36 and MOGIELICA systems.

We also produce concrete fences which imitate clinker brick – ASTRA BRICK system as well as concrete block fences – MODYŃ and ROUND systems.

Our innovative idea is a fencing foundation, which substitutes concrete plinths poured out at building sites. A variety of garden pots and split garden stockade will make your outdoor space colourful and attractive. Split concrete blocks TOM make up a great facing of buildings.

We also produce concrete plate "JOMB", temporary fence base and other concrete goods. We can provide our own transport or recommend our cooperative transport partner and deliver the products to any place.

Our products are sold in Poland as well as abroad Slovakia, Lithuania, Germany for example. We are open to establish a new cooperational relations. All trade contacts can be found in Trade points.



                                                                            GORC Supreme Vera


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