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About us


We set new borders…

Company JONIEC is a producer of concrete products: split fence systems, concrete block fence systems, garden planters, stockades, elevation stone blocks as well as precast concrete elements such as concrete boards, concrete plates and temporary fence bases.

The beginnings of our company go back to the 1980’s when we started to produce split elevation tiles JONIEC. In 1997 we acquired new production plant and began to modernize the production process through employment of innovative solutions. From the beginnings we have attached great importance to high quality and excellent customer service. We launched new products – split fences GORC de Luxe GL22, GORC de Luxe GL38 as well as concrete fence systems – ASTRA Brick, MODYŃ and ROUND. We are proud to hear that our products are popular among customers, our partners but also recognized authorities.

Our fencing system GORC won First Prize GOLDEN HELMET in a very prestigious competition at TARGBUD fairs in Katowice in 2009. GORC de Luxe also got the title QUALITY OF THE YEAR 2014 in category PRODUCT.Our products undergo Vibro technology and Splitting technology which determine their primary features. A wide range of colours and textures, carefully selected materials and the highest quality of our goods decided about our success and satisfied many customers. Our goods are produced in accordance with national and European norms and standards. We sell wholesale and retail in Poland as well as abroad. We can provide our own transport and deliver products to any place.






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